About the Show

Conversations with innovators

TheCurrent Innovators is a podcast about the leaders pushing the boundaries of fashion, beauty and retail. Hosted by Liz Bacelar and Rachel Arthur, each episode is a frank conversation about the challenges and opportunities faced by top brands and retailers around the world through the lens of technology.

In today’s toughening retail environment and rapidly evolving consumer landscape, innovation is what drives staying power. At TheCurrent, we’re constantly intrigued by what’s fueling meaningful transformation – how things like artificial intelligence are shaping future interactions, how businesses can respond to the increasing demand for sustainability in the marketplace, and how the latest inventions are set to improve lives, behaviors and connectivity.

In our weekly series we are talking to those people who are on the forefront of this change – the visionaries, executives, entrepreneurs and high-level players driving the industry forward, and those with the courage to make such big ideas a reality.

The podcast, distributed by MouthMedia Network and recorded in New York, Los Angeles and London, has showcased the likes of Stefano Rosso, CEO of Diesel; William Tunstall-Pedoe, founder of the tech behind Amazon Alexa; and Nina Shariati, who is responsible for transparency at H&M.