“I think you’ll be surprised in a couple of years if you speak to a device and it doesn’t reply,” says William Tunstall-Pedoe, the British entrepreneur who created the technology that became Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa.

Speaking to Liz Bacelar on TheCurrent Innovators podcast earlier this year, he says his vision for future of voice technology really is about everything around us being connected.

Artificial intelligence (AI), which is the overarching phrase for the tech behind it, is fundamentally revamping how we live our lives, how we do business, and even how we shop, he explains. And it’s doing so at an ever-increasing pace.

Just recently Amazon released a myriad of new devices – including a microwave and a smart plug – that aim to facilitate greater connectivity in the home, taking us one step closer to Tunstall-Pedoe’s vision.

“The really big goal is totally horizontal, that you can talk about anything you want and be understood on any topic,” he adds.

On this episode, the duo also talk about Tunstall-Pedoe’s passion for creating world-changing products powered by AI, how voice tech could change retail, and which one of the Alexa Skills is really the most useful to him.